Share Your Problems

Whether you’re a person with a disability, a healthcare provider or someone who sees an obstacle to life, your problems and ideas are needed. Share with us any challenge that you or those around you are facing, from microscopic to vast, and we’ll organize an inspired team to develop innovative solutions.
Complete the form provided. Your submission will then be reviewed and considered by a committee comprised of WSU,  DMC and Life Beyond Barriers staff. If your challenge is selected, it will be passed to the WSU engineers to begin solution development. You’ll be contacted promptly if a workable solution has been identified.

  • “I am a physical therapist that works with individuals with spinal cord injuries. I always have a problem transferring heavier patients from their beds because the lifts are too bulky.”
  • “I work with patients every day that talk about how frustrated they are when they try to use the bathroom. It seems toilets and showers just aren’t user-friendly enough.”
  • “I wish something existed that would enable me to take pictures with a normal camera. My hands don’t work well enough to use the existing cameras on the market.”

Submissions criteria:

Submissions should feature challenges that can be solved through engineering and technology. If possible, upload a photo/video that exemplifies your problem. Submissions should be as specific as possble. The more detail you provide, the better and more fitting the solution can be.