The Team

Blake Mathie

Blake Mathie

Vice President Operations,
Life Beyond Barriers

Driving the operations of Life Beyond Barriers, Blake Mathie provides the organization’s strategic focus and aligns all efforts to fulfill its mission – creating products, companies, and entrepreneurs to make the world a better place for those in need. He is responsible for vetting and exploring new project opportunities, setting the project operational and strategic goals, and making recommendations to the Life Beyond Barriers board.

Currently, Blake is a Ph.D. candidate in the Biomedical Engineering program at Wayne State University. He has contributed to a number of research programs related to blast induced traumatic brain injury and neural regeneration.  Continuing his drive to apply cutting edge science and engineering to overcome physical disabilities, his Ph.D. research involves the development of a nanocarbon based neural-prosthetic interface for the peripheral nervous system.

Blake Mathie joined the United States Marine Corps in 1990 and carried his experience over into a career in telecommunications. He received his Biomedical Physics BS in 2010 and Masters of Biomedical Engineering in 2011 from Wayne State University.