The Team

Jim Anderson

Jim Anderson

Founder, President, CEO
Urban Science

CEO, Life Beyond Barriers

Jim Anderson leads the global management team and sets the company’s strategic direction. He also provides expert legal testimony on behalf of clients. He has been actively involved in automobile dealer network planning for 30 years.

Ever since Jim began his career at Wayne State University in the engineering department, he never took “it can’t be done” for an answer.

In 1977, when Cadillac was told that a particular marketing problem “couldn’t be done” with current technology, Jim invented a way to solve the problem and founded Urban Science to deliver the solution. By applying his entrepreneurial spirit and analytical mindset to every obstacle he faced, Jim has made a career out of solving the seemingly unsolvable. Moreover, he actually seeks out these challenges.

Jim created a vision for Urban Science, a world where science and technology combine with entrepreneurial spirit to create opportunity and make the world a better place to live. This vision continues to drive him to give back to community and educational organizations that share his can-do attitude, including endowments to the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan to build a Spinal Cord Injury Program and to Wayne State University to develop an Engineering Ventures Program.

In 2010, Jim was a winner of Crain’s Salute to Entrepreneurs which honors winning companies that have demonstrated growth and innovation.

Jim holds bachelor and master of science degrees in engineering from Wayne State University.